The name originate’s from the Irish “Mhaigh Eo”

The Irish “Mhaigh Eo” translates to “Plain of the Yew Trees” originality from the village of Mayo, known today as Mayo Abbey. The Yew tree is one of the few trees native to Ireland.

Mayo was the birth place of one of the most fearsome and famous Irish pirates. Grace OMally. She captured English ships and stole their cargo.

Some of the best-know stories from early Irish literature came from county Mayo. Tain Bo Flidhais and Táin Bó Cúailnge.

Mayo has some stunning beaches. Here is my favorite. Ballycroy .

The largest Irish Island is off the coast of Mayo. Achill.

There is so much more history in Mayo. Knock, Croagh Patrick, Cèide Fields to make a few. One more of my favorite places to visit is Down Patrick Head.

“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.”
Orson Welles


I know I go on and on about lunches in Ryans Bar Navan. But it simply is the best lunch in town. Simple honest food that tastes great. The added bonus is the service is fast and efficient. The coffee is great too. Of course a little sing song from Mick Ryan when he passes your table is generally welcome.

Dining by myself or with clients, friends or family Ryans is where I go.



In August I was in Mayo and done a couple of the local Loop walks. I really love a good loop walk especially when the views are great. Where better than the Wild Atlantic Way?

The first one was the Erris Loop Walk. Its only 5km but the views were impressive. Its not a hard walk. I done this with my mom so we took it nice and easy and enjoyed each others company and the Wild Atlantic views.


The next walk was the burrishoole walk. There are a few choices to choose from but I took the longest one, only 10km. Took just over 2hours to complete, some heavy hill climbing in places but the views are worth it.

Its bog tracks, country lanes and stone surfaced tracts. Great views of clew bay and Croagh Patrick as backdrop to the south and Nephew Big mountain range to the north

If you find yourself in Mayo with a few hours to yourself I would definitely recommend these walks. The peace and quite is simply so good for your mind soul and body.

Sligo is know for its literary heritage and rugged countryside. Steeped in history and mythology. From clear lakes to rivers to dramatic mountains. Sligo has it all.

We decided to head away to Sligo for a few nights. Mountain climbing, cycling and walking was on our agenda. The weather was perfect. The company was great and the air from the Wild Atlantic. Sure where would ya want to be. Nothing beats the west of Ireland.

Our first stop was a cycle from Sligo town over to the Devils Chimney. A lovely cycle.

The Devils Chimney is just over 1km hike. We didn’t expect to see any water flowing from the waterfall as this only happens when it’s raining. But we wanted to do the hike and see the views. It was a lovely hike through wooded area. When you reached the top the views were pretty impressive. We could see Glencar Lake and the valley stretching below between the hills. There was a lovely picnic area at the top and we took a short break to enjoy a snack.

You have to have some sort of level of fitness to this do.

A quick trip down the road after to the Glencar waterfalls. Very pretty but nothing else to do there.

After this it was time to cycle back to the car and head over to the Beach Bar and B&B in Aughris head where we were staying.

What a location. We arrived and the place was buzzing. Seeing so many people enjoying the sun and happy. What a great feeling. Quick shower and change and up to the bar for dinner. I’m not a fan of bar food, probably because of several bad experiences and cheap pre cooked food shoved out to customers. I didn’t have really high expectations. I was proven wrong. The food was exceptional. Simple food cooked perfect. I’m gutted I didn’t take any pictures. I was starving. I had fish and chips. The batter was so fresh and soft. And not all batter and no fish. A few pints to help wash it down and a lovely walk to watch the sun set.

Next morning we decided to walk the forest walk around Benbulbin, but missing the turn lead us to Luke’s bridge where we decided to climb Benbulbin instead. Not the best decisions Iv ever made. Not following any track, we just decided that we would climb some of it. We started to climb and it was easy enough, in so far as I was able to still stand and walk up it. It gets steeper and eventually you have no choice but to start climbing (like Spider-Man, but without the web) so close to the top I looked around and went into a state of panic. (Iv never claimed or walked up a mountain before) I froze. I just wanted to get off this mountain. Petrified. Convinced myself I was going to fall, (if I fell there would be some serious injury’s) tears rolling down my eyes. Literally holding onto the side of a mountain, legs like jelly. The only way off this mountain was to keep going up. We really should have just followed a track. Stubborn and angry at myself I reached the top. Every single emotion going through me. I couldn’t wait to get down.

Once we got down I needed to feel grounded so I decided to cycle Lough Gill Cycle Loop. Amazing views and a lovely cycle. Pushing all my frustrations out on my quads as I pushed up hills. Best therapy ever.

Back into Sligo town after and time to relax.

Benbulbin you nearly had me but nearly never matched the cow.

I would highly recommend Sligo for a mini adventure trip. I had a blast.

There’s no place like home. I love when I plan a trip to Mayo. Apart from seeing my beautiful family, I really enjoy the scenery, the beaches, the peace and quite and the wildness of the Wild Atlantic.

This trip wasn’t unlike any other with the exception that we were planning to cycle some the Green Way. Unfortunately it was too windy. So instead we done Claggan Mountain Coastal Trail followed by the Ballycroy National Park walk. Both are very easy and quick walks but the Wind from the Wild Atlantic definitely make it more fun.

The views are amazing but on the dull day that we got, you can’t really see how beautiful it is.

Onto the Ballycroy National Park. We were advised not to climb up to the top, as it was to windy and dangerous but the rebel inside me wouldn’t listen. This walk is only about 20-30mins, very easy to do. The views are incredible. For me there is no better feeling than enjoying complete quietness. I love having time to dream, enjoying peace and the wonders of the sea, the mountains and fresh air.

Mayo is a beautiful county, it’s my home and there is no where in the world that is this special to me.

There are so many coffee places to have a cup of coffee in Navan. But who really is making a good coffee?

I wrote a blog a while back about coffee and the top 5 coffee places in Navan. My opinion has changed. ( you can read it here )

The brand of coffee is important, and everyone likes different brands. So opinions change. But what it really comes down to is the barista. And as I’v found in Navan no one is a trained barista. 😞 The coffee in some of my favorite places change depending on who is making it. Which is quite frustrating. There is one place I know if I go at lunch time any day the same lady is making it and she is very serious about her job, her presentation and her COFFEE. I have no problem telling you that its Margaret from Ryan’s Bar on Trim Gate Street.

Ryan’s bar has everything to offer, scones from 10am, lunch daily from 12pm-4pm and an evening menu on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. They are the best sports bar in Navan and as I said in a previous blog it’s so nice to see the owners working there and been apart of the team. Just when you think Ryan’s couldn’t possibly do any more for its customers they now serve Pizza in their beer garden every Saturday and Sunday. Local lads RBs pizza are rolling out the dough. I haven’t had one yet but looking at their social media the guys are doing a great job.

I digress, food will always get me excited. There are 2 other places in town that I pop into for coffee. Ode on Market Square is really good, the coffee is consistent. They use lavAzza coffee, which I like, plus I love to sit outside and watch the world go by. The other place I go to is The Central, the coffee is really good and the staff are friendly. I’m a regular there and it’s lovely to see one young lady recognize me and remember how I like my coffee. I love the front coffee area, and again you can sit and people watch from there. I love The Centrals branded takeaway cups and always get my coffee in one.

To finish up guys. This is my opinion and my personal taste. There are few places out there with staff that can’t use a coffee machine, they serve good quality coffee badly. Beware.