Of all the Gin Joints in all the Towns, in all the World she walks into mine. 
A few weeks ago I set myself the task of checking out some of my favourite bars in Navan and exploring Hendricks. Hendricks should be served over ice with a Fever Tree tonic and a cucumber for garnish. 

I set myself 5 bars to check out. I only managed to get to 4.  The bars I choose are my favourite in Navan. The bars were Berminghams, The Central, Ryan’s Bar and The Palace bar. 

The first one I checked out was Berminghams. I simply love this bar and you are likely to find me falling into it (and out sometimes) after a busy night at work. It’s across the road from Copper and Spices so it’s far to handy. 


Above is the Hendricks I was served. Not there usual standard. I have never gotten a Hendricks in here before without cucumber. The glass wasn’t their usual either. Disappointed but still I’m  a very good customer. Would I order it again…… Yes as I know from years of going here that they can and do, do alot better.  It was priced at €10.10. 


Next on my list was The Central Bar. I love this gastro bar. It has a wide variety to suit everyone from young to old. Music every night. Their pint and a pizza offer seems to be a great hit. Anyway, I ordered my Hendricks, served perfectly. Fishbowl  glass, ice, cucumber. And after a busy night at work it was well needed. Priced €10.20


Next up was Ryan’s Bar. Now just to clarify  my Hendricks tasting didn’t happen all on the same night. 

Ryan’s bar is a pretty great spot. Our favourite especially for sports. They do a great lunch menu also you can read my blog here about it. 

Hendricks was nearly served correctly, no cucumber, but we did have fun with Damien suggesting that perhaps cucumber was out of season. 😀 again I have to say in fairness to them, like berminghams they usually do get it right, but on this occasion fell short. Priced at €9.20

Last place to check out was The Palace Bar. Great bar and night club. Popped in here for 1 and stayed for 4. The Hendricks again was missing cucumber, but having a laugh with the manager made up for it, as it was so cheap we suggested he put the price up by 50cent and get a cucumber.  Price €7.70 

Next on my list to try was 41. But after several attempts I never made it there. I have never had a Hendricks in there but have had several cocktails and they were yummy. I’m sure their Hendricks is served equally as good as they ones in this blog. 


As usual guys, I paid for my drinks and this is my opinion. 
For the best served Hendricks it has to be The Central and for the cheapest it has to be The Palace bar. 
Why not try some of these places out yourself and let me know what you think. 


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