Northern Ireland

After a crazy few months I really needed to get away.  Mayo of course is always my first choice. But this time I decided I needed to go somewhere different. Across the border to Northern Ireland was decided.

I’ve been to Belfast before and loved it, I really like the accent. My last visit here was to discover the city but this time I needed more. I needed to discover Northern Ireland and in some ways I needed to rediscover myself.

The Ramanda was where I stayed, it was located close (walking distance) to the places I wished to visit. I didn’t reach Belfast until around 1pm, even with Google maps I got lost twice, the roads are layed out a bit strange. Well that’s my excuse.

First place to visit was Titanic Experience. It’s loaded with information and so much history to take in. You could very easily spend the whole day here. It’s not expensive and I would highly recommend a visit. I’m a bit of an old romantic and still love the story of Jack and Rose. Trying to take something positive from the sinking of the Titanic is impossible and the movie gives us the love story. Slightly overwhelm and full of knowledge it was time to get back to the hotel.

Dinner choice was Mourne Sea food. But before this a quick stop off at the Dirty Onion. A pub recommend by a friend. It was a really cool place. A great spot in the summer I’d imagine. The outdoor area was very hip and as I was about to leave it was getting busy. I did ask the bar maid what was the meaning behind the name. I won’t write what she told me. But I will say that the Dirty Onion has layers of great fun.


A few pints here and a nice stroll over to Mourne seafood. A little early for my reservation so I decided I’d try a pint of Guinness in the bar next door. Kellys. Very south of Ireland pub. The Guinness was tasty and the Irish rebel songs were fun.


Dinner next. Mourne Seafood is a chic trendy spot. A great smell of fish when you walk in the door, I can tell  you if your a fish fan your in for some lovely food.

Mussels,  small portion ordered to start. Cooked perfectly and not overpowered by the sauce. Great starter. Sorry the picture isn’t great.


Next up was the  Lobster Burger.  Oh My God. Food Porn. The nicest Lobster Burger I’ve ever eaten. I’m still dreaming about it. It was fresh and full of flavour, not expensive and served with a side of chips.


The staff are very friendly. They have a sister restaurant in Dundrum, I’m looking forward to checking that out in the very near future.

The next day, up early as a drive to the Rope Bridge and the Giants Causeway was the plan.


Reached the Rope Bridge first,  (only got lost twice) it was a cold day with light rain. But I couldn’t wait. Tickets got and a 1 mile walk to the bridge. Let’s do this. The view is breathtaking and you can’t help yourself but stop to try and capture the beauty that you are walking alone side with.  No picture can truely show you this. Been there and seeing it, feeling the wind and rain on your face I hadnt felt so alive in such a long time. When I reached the bridge there was a few people in line before me. I had hurt my foot on the walk so the rest was welcome. Only 8 people are allowed to cross the bridge at one time. Our group was next. Steel steps down to the bridge, I could feel my legs shake, I don’t know why, I’m not afraid of heights, (like seriously have you seen my shoes) . Got to the bridge, started to walk across “don’t look down, don’t look down, don’t look down” then I look down. WOW I’m glad I did. It was breath taking. I couldn’t take a picture,  I don’t know why my hands were shaking and my legs like jelly. Loved every moment of this. There is nothing better than been in the fresh air to clear your mind, and your soul  and be tankful to god for been alive.

Giants Causeway was next. It’s just up the road from the Rope Bridge I was told…. do you think I got lost again?

A really enjoyable 15 min walk down to the Causeway. Nice fresh wind in your face. I could have been anywhere in the world.  It has been  quite a few months since I felt so happy. This trip was so much more than I expected it would be. This trip woke me up from the torture I was putting myself through.

I was getting me back.

Pictured below is some lovely fun pictures I took on the streets.

Thank you Northern Ireland, you gave me more than I expected.

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