I was attending a restaurant marketing workshop in Limerick  yesterday. The workshop was run by Marc Thornton from DTA Marketing. It was a very interesting workshop. It was casual and not too formal which is what I like, very relaxing. There was a lovely group of people attending and Marc keep us all motivated. It was worth attending and I learned loads. It was also nice sharing stories with other restauranteurs. Marc runs workshops all over Ireland so do check out his site for more details. 

I stayed in the Limerick Strand Hotel. I’ve stayed here before and would highly recommend it. Close to the city,  the food here is amazing with a great influence on local. The staff are very friendly which is something I found every where I went. Limerick people are very nice. 

The picture above is of a Gin I had in House. House is owned by Alan Clancy who owns House Dublin and 37 Dawson Street. 

They have a great Gin menu (pictured below). The bar man in The Strand Hotel recommended I should definitely try out Breil Pur, a gim from Switzerland. Great Mint and Chocolate Flavours. Loved it. 

The second Gin to try was Elephant Gin from Germany , very different, sharp and zesty. Again a very nice gin plus no elephants were hurt in the making of the gin lol 

Also ordered a bread board with dips. Amazing. The dips were so fresh and the bread was served with Sea Salt on it. Loved it. 

House is decorated very hip and comfortable. Again the staff are so polite and they were smiling, happy staff. A quick trip to the loo was next and I’m glad I did. The loos are amazing, but the best part was the powder room across from the loos. 

I could easily move to Limerick. I loved it. 

Today before the drive home took a walk around the city and popped into The Buttery for lunch. Very cool place. Friendly staff again and very very nice food. I had the Cajun Burger. I loved the whole madness about the decoration, a very funky cafe and wine bar. 

Limerick it was a pleasure and I can’t wait to return again. 

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