Christmas is my favourite time of the year. On Christmas Eve my family have a long tradition of having a “midnight feast ” and this is where ( the aldults ) pass out their Christmas Gifts. I was really excited gifting my husband a trip to Edinburgh, we have spoken about it several times and it was a city we both wanted to visit. He however didn’t seem very excited or even happy when he opened his gift. As I unwrapped my gift I discovered why …… He had gifted me a trip to Edinburgh also…talk about knowing your partner really well. 




Some pictures taken from Princess Street. The Starbucks is where JK Rowling apparently wrote most of the Harry Potter books. We stopped off also to try a crepe, the most expensive crepe Iv had at £6 each. And not very nice. A great view of the castle. I was really looking forward to seeing the castle. Lots of people playing the Bagpipes also. 


Some of the streets are really quirky with some pretty kool names. Walking around Edinburgh was great fun with lots to explore. The Royal Mile is a great walk with lots to explore, some great little restaurants and unusual shops. 

A few drinks were had while we stayed here. Whiskey was a must. I’m not a big whiskey drinker but when in Edinburgh and all that. The black cat was a great Whiskey Bar on Rose Street. The staff were very friendly and the whiskey choices were massive. We Also enjoyed a pint in The Last drop in the Green Market area which is full of lovely places to stop off. It’s a good idea if your about to make the clime to the castle. We stayed in The Hay Market area and there is a pretty kool Gin bar there, Jolly Botanist. Very trendy and busy. We enjoyed a great gin before we headed off on our Ghost Tour. The Ghost tour was good to do but I would recommend it. It was more story telling and not scary at all. We were brought down to the vaults which is good to see but not worth the money or time. It was part of our package and I don’t think we would have booked it if it wasn’t. 





The whiskey experience is s must. It’s next to the castle and takes about an hour. The information is well displayed. I found the area was very small, it’s not as big as I taught it was going to be. But worth it. A massive display of whiskeys, with some great stories. 

We enjoyed a well deserved break in a very posh Bar at the Top of George Street The Dome. We were slightly underdressed after a walk up to the Carlton Hill, which has the best views of the city and of Arthur’s Seat which we decided not to do. 


The castle was incredible. We walked up to it 3 times. I just loved it. It’s so worth it to pay to go inside. There is loads to see and do with some great views. It definitely needs more PINK around the place. I always associate castles with princess and princess with pink 😉 



We took a day drip to The Highlands and Loch Ness. ( where I think I spotted Nessy) This was my favourite part of the trip. The views were breathtaking. It was a day trip. We got picked up at our hotel at 8am and dropped back by 6pm. I would highly recommend Edinburgh as a city trip. It’s not cheap, it’s the same prices as Ireland. 


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