A letter of Self Care

Hey, I hope you’re reading this.

I know you carry a lot of weight on your shoulders, and I can see that. You don’t have to carry it all by yourself.

Has anyone I wounder ever rested their head on your shoulders and shared a funny story with you? Are your shoulders allowed to rest to have their stiffness put down every now and then? I wonder if anyone tried to share your burdens, I know the loads are big, and I wonder, have you rested your head on someone’s shoulders and shared a funny story?

Look at your eyes, gleaming with hope. But why are they so dimmed compared to the last time you saw them. Do you cry a lot ? You do, cry like a river, don’t you?

What has caused your eyes to cry so much? The pain etched in your mind must have been torturing, but that pain engraved therein in your heart scratches more scars. What is inside you? What creatures dare to haunt you?

You should start a war with them and perish them for feasting on your heart. However, I can see your inner chamber is locked. You need to use the key to open it.

Once you unlock the door, charge your navigator and confront those monsters. One by one. It will take time, but you have this.

This will be a great deal of work, so before you begin, let me ask you, have you been taking good care of yourself.

Please make sure you take care of yourself, even when no one else did. You do deserve so many great things, even if you feel un deserving, you are so precious and deserve to be looked after. Remember to eat and sleep well.

In case no one told you, you are loved.


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