It’s a few weeks ago since we dined here. I was hoping the time just might have made me forget the Experience.  But unfortunately it hasn’t.

We arrived with no reservation. Seated outside. We asked to sit inside as it was cold. No problem at all. The restaurant is decorated very nicely and the service was friendly.

Ordered wine and followed by food.
We asked for bread and oil when we seen that it wasn’t coming complimentary. It arrived after our starter. And was cleared when our starter was finished, we didn’t notice them clearing it, but we were paying for this and should have been allowed to keep it or at lease be asked if we had finished.

I ordered Calamari  which wasn’t the worst I’ve ever had. The worst I’ve ever tasted was in Drogheda.
The pizza was a disaster. Big vine tomatoes served all around with the weirdest sweet corn.  I asked if I could have egg on it, again this was no problem. I shouldn’t have bothered.  The egg was cremated.
No one checked how our food was. When our dishes were cleared away, the waitress asked if everything was OK as I clearly didn’t finish my pizza. I told her that I didn’t like it. It was way under seasoned and that the sweet corn tasted funny. She apologized. But that was the end of that. A bill of €105 and still hungry. My husband left hungry also. I know places can’t get it right all the time. But better training on the floor could have made this a better blog. The manager was informed and decided to hide when we were leaving.

Also if you are going to put the wine away in a cooler away from our reach it would be great if you topped it up for us.



I haven’t had great Italian experiences lately. Another blog to follow.

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