A “Salmon” died for no reason.

At a last-minute decision we decided to try il posto.  No reservation.  We were delighted that they had room for us. The restaurant is decorated quite simple. It was busy on a Tuesday evening at 8pm. Nearly a full house. That’s  a good sign. Right?

It looked like most people were eating from the Early Bird as they all seemed to be having ice cream for dessert.

We ordered wine and some focaccia  arrived. This was great.


I ordered the mussels which were done lactose free. Great flavors. Nice size portion. The staffs were friendly, non intrusive and polite.


For mains I ordered their special.  Salmon in a honey and lime dressing. It was priced at €25.50. I expected much more than what I got for that price. I mean it’s “Salmon”…….. The sauce was sickening sweet. The dish was ruined. The chef obviously has a love relationship with honey because I recon he used a whole pot in my dish.  We ordered some rosemary potatoes also, which were nice after we added some salt and pepper.


We did advise that we taught the sauce was sweet and I couldn’t help but ask where the Salmon came from, at that price I didn’t expect to hear “Howth” . Delivery from Howth to the city must be expensive.

I will try it again. But not for a while.

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