The Central

It’s great to have The Central bar in Navan. It caters for everyone. Recently we took the staff there for lunch. There was something for everyone. We all had a really present afternoon.

A massive thanks to everyone for looking after us.

I highly recommend the garlic bread. Over the last few months I have slowly been introducing lactose back into my diet. The Centrals garlic bread is loaded with garlic butter. Yummy.

Pizza and a Pint 

After a very busy day yesterday with back to back meetings I was way to tired to cook. So we decided to go to The Central for something to eat. 
I’m usually in the central for coffee or drinks. When you have a chronic illness like mine eating out can be extremely difficult, painful and sometimes embarrassing. 
Pizza and a  Pint offer was on. David the very friendly waiter took our order. I had the veggie with no cheese and I was very impressed. We ordered a side  of the sweet potato fries also, my new favourite. 

The deal is available Monday – Thursday and costs an amazing €9.95. 

Highly recommend and looking forward to having this again. 

Top 5 coffees in Navan

Whether it’s an Americnco , a Flat White, or a latte, if you have a love for coffee, there’s a high chance that it’s a fierce love. An all consuming love. An “I can’t live without you” love. Sure, you may take a break every now and then, but once you’ve fallen in love with coffee, it’s hard to ever really commit to a long term separation.

A few weeks ago I set myself the challenge of finding the top 5 coffees in Navan. A challenge that I didn’t mind taking. I’m not a coffee addict, I love coffee but like most things I like it in moderation.

The list is totally subjective. Its my opinion. I have had coffee several times in all of these places so my opinion is based not just on the best coffee but consistent.

Why not try out the list and tell us what you think – but maybe not all on the same day, unless you’re prepared for serious caffeine jitters!

No 5

Ryans Bar, Trimgate Street Navan. A very decent coffee. Clean presentation. I Love their lunch menu here. Its fresh and supports local. Their fish cakes are a must.


No 4

Chekhovs on Trimgate street is another great cup of coffee. A nice balance and goes very well with their Tuna Lemon Caper and Sweetcorn wrap. The coffee is from Bell Lane coffee Mullingar. Nice to see a local supporting another local.


No 3

Ode Design is Home Deco, Coffee shop and Gift shop on Market Square. Not only is the coffee great but they have some very nice gourmet sandwiches.


No 2

No 2, is The Central Bar  Trimgate Street. The coffee here is always consistent and is always served with a smile. They serve some very good pastries that are made in house. Fresh is best.


No 1

Drum Roll……  Black Bird Books, Old Corn Market. I love the coffee here. Its a book shop that serves Coffee and pastries. Not only is the coffee great but it also supports a Boyne Valley Producer, a big plus for me. The coffee is from Ariosa Coffee Ashbourne.