Malahide to Portmarnock Coast walk

Today I decided I would walk the Malahide to Portmarnock coast road. It was a stunning morning with a beautiful sun shining low.

The walk there and back is about 10k. And with the views it seemed like a much shorter walk.

As you leave Malahide you can look over the beautiful golden sands.

Living away from home, the biggest thing that I miss the most (apart from my family) is the ocean. I miss the smells, the noice, the views but above all I miss “the feel good factor”. Walking barefoot in the sand grounds us, it connects us to nature’s beauty and reduces stress as life finds perspective

The daffodils were already blooming and glowing and people were walking around. Everyone seemed content.

You can see the headland of a Howth in the distance and out at sea you can see Lambay Island

I have never done this walk before but I’ll definitely be doing it again in the very near future .

Massy Woods

First orienteering course attempted last week.

We took a drive up to Massy woods yesterday which is across from Hell Fire Club. Weather wise it was perfect. We took a packed lunch, rain gear and of course our orienteering maps.

We parked at Hell Fire Club. I was excited about reading the maps. It was going to be a fun afternoon.

It’s not as easy as it looks with me getting slightly lost at one stage. It was however a lot of fun.

You don’t have to do the orienteering, you can just go for a walk and I would highly recommend it. The scenery is beautiful and you will definitely feel like you are away from all the stresses of life.


I was super excited to try klaw out. I had heard loads of great reports so today I finally got to try it out. With my health not in the best form today, slightly off balance and slow on my feet it took me a while to walk through temple bar to get there. 

The menu is on black boards, basic put enough choice. I choose the lobster roll and wasn’t disappointed, found it slightly expensive at €16. It was washed down with a great pale ale. 

Would I go back , yes as some of the other dishes looked amazing. Hats off to them for having fresh fish. Well done 


On a cold blustery February evening I found myself with no dinner plans after been to the cinema. It was a little after 8pm and I had crossed over the river Liffey to the foodie side of the city, where you have an obscene amount of places to eat in. 
I haven’t eaten in Pichet in a few years. After a few medical scares and been diagnosed as been lactose and dairy intolerant it was always difficult to dine out. I started to advise restaurants days in advance of going  so the kitchen could prepare. But last night with no reservations I decided to take a chance and pop into Pichet. Im glad I did. 

We were greeted and it wasn’t a problem that we didn’t have a reservation. We were seated at a nice cosy window table with a great view of the kitchen. 
Wine ordered and bread dropped to the table, by a friendly Italian waiter. I explained my requirements and there was no problem at all. 

Crab to start. Served with clams potato and tomato. A nice delicate dish. Lots of crab and served with sourdough bread on the side. Perfect. 


Followed by salmon, charred broccoli with smoked almonds. The broccoli was simply delicious, cooked perfectly. A fabulous crunch. The salmon was perfect, nice portion and a lovely pink color. 

Pichet do a great lunch and early evening menu 1 course €15 2 courses €20 3 courses €25 
Thanks to Stephen and his team for a lovely evening. Looking forward to going back. 


After a busy afternoon in Dublin, whizzing between meetings and getting some retail therapy in, I was in need for some good food. My husband was teaching an Indian workshop in Cooks Acadamy, so it was lunch for 1. 
I don’t mind going to lunch by myself but I always find popping into Zaragoza very friendly and comfortable. It’s next door to Cooks Acadamy, so handy as I usually finish up in time to collect my husband. 

I arrived and was greeted by a friendly French ( I think ) waiter and asked for a table for 1. Even before I could suggest somewhere quite, he advised that I could sit anywhere I like and left the choice to me. Great. If I’m not working I prefer to sit around people but I think when your typing away and on your phone you should not disturb people’s meal. There was a nice buzz in the restaurant from couples dining to business lunches. 

Quick look at the menu and decision was made. Chilli Mussels, Fish of the day and of course Patatas Bravas. No Spanish meal is complete without Patatas Bravas and Zaragoza do the best Iv tasted in Ireland. 



Every thing was how it should be. The mussels my new favourite. Incredible value for lunch. 

I have to point out that the service here was spot on. Non intrusive, friendly and the staff looked genuinely happy. I can’t wait to go back. 


There’s nothing more romantic than Italian food. Il Primo.

Italian food is all about ingredients, it’s not fussy, it’s not fancy. This is my favourite Italian Restaurant in Ireland. The reason is simple, fresh food, great Italian wine and friendly casual service.


We had dinner here last Tuesday night. It’s been a while since I have dined here and it’s good to see that nothing has changed. It’s still every bit as good as it was when I last dined.

To start I ordered the mussels, cooked without cream for me, they were great. Fresh and tasty. I remember picking them off the rocks at home in Mayo as a child and  I couldn’t wait to get back up  and boil them on my granny’s open fire in a big pot. We all have great memories of some of our favourite foods.  Having the mussels in il primo reminded me of this lovely memory.

For my main course I ordered a pizza, no cheese, I asked for spinach and any green veg that they have.  I love eggs and asked if I could have one on my pizza.  Again everything was no problem. Service was not intrusive, very polite and friendly.


Not able for any desserts or coffee as we were full. We sat and enjoyed our wine.

Thank you for a lovely enjoyable food night. We are doing lunch next time, as I really want to meet Anita Thoma.