I booked our tickets back in September to go and see Farmaphobia. Glad I did. It was great.

A few years ago while in Krakow I visited a place called Lost Souls Alley, it was terrifying and that was its aim. I always thought how great it would be to have something like this in Ireland. And we do.

We arrived on time at Causey Farm for our night of terror. A 20 min drive from Navan. We were glad we had our hiking boots with us, it was a little muddy after all the rain.

A brief check in followed by a health a safely talk and we were on our way. 5 terrors awaited us.

1. Zombie Morgue

2. Mommas Murder Maize

3. Purge Night

4. Clown Town

5. Cult.

Each experience was very good and all the actors were amazing. There was never much of a queue to get into any of the terrors, and any time we were queuing we were kept entertained by some very scary actors.

I really don’t like Clowns and wasn’t sure if I would actually go into this terror room. However I did. It was definitely the best room in terms of jump scares. I was absolutely terrified.

It was a great experience and I would definitely go back. Well done to everyone involved.

StockHouse TrimĀ 

Eating out for me has become difficult. Suffering with a chronic illness has changed my life. It’s not always easy for chefs to cater for my requirements but this wasn’t the case in StockHouse

Tom Darcy co owner was on duty, one of the great Gin experts. Stock House has alot to offer, famous for their steaks, but cater very well for vegetarians also. 
To start Tom said he would do me up a starter. It was mushrooms served with onions, peppers, tomatoes and a gentle sweet sauce. It was delicious. It was time to discuss gins and more importantly to taste some. 

What a cool label, and it tasted equally as good. Fever tree tonic perfect match. 

Next up was our main course. I love fish and chips but more often than not I find there is more batter than fish and the batter over cooked, but this wasn’t the case. I can honestly say the best fish and chips Iv ever tasted. Beer battered cod and proper chips. The batter was so soft. The peas were seasoned perfectly. Top class dish. 

To finish I tryed out this amazing gin, gun powder Irish gin. Again a great recommendation from Tom. 

Thanks guys for looking after me so well and what’s so great is that your not a million miles away. See you soon.