I love the outdoors and I really enjoy trying new things. Sometimes I get a little scared with water sports, maybe because I have seen first hand how dangerous it can be. However we decided to take some kitesurfing lessons.

We choose kitesurfing dublin and our lesson was booked for Saturday 1st October. We arrived at Burrow Beach in Sutton at 10am for our 3hour lesson. We met our instructor Sylvain Dubost and we headed to the beach.

After listening to Sylvain we could tell how passionate he was about kitesurfing and we knew we had chosen the right company to teach us.

First we talked about the direction of the winds, what kind of wind we need, good and bad winds. We discussed alot around safety. Then it was time to meet the kites.

It looks so easy when you see it on the TV or even watching Sylvain doing it. My partner picked it up straight away. However it took a little more time with me, and Sylvain was very patient. Eventually I got it. It is so important to get the fundamentals right first and I am happy to say that there was no pressure to get into the water. I definitely was not ready to take my kite into the water.

My partner, looking like a pro

The whole experience was fun. Sylvain is a great instructor, very professional and he is also a very funny guy. A pleasure to have him teach us kite surfing. We are excited to get our next lesson.

Sylvain provides all the equipment you need. This really is a fun experience.


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