Love Irish Food. 

I can’t understand how ppl can eat and pay for cheap food when Ireland has such quality of raw ingredients. 

This was a tweet I posted a few weeks ago. It seemed to annoy a certain person a lot that he wrote a blog about me. Tweeted the blog but didn’t have the balls to include me in the tweet. Highly rude I think, if your going to talk about me or write about me have some manners and allow me the chance to reply. But I guess we all have different upbringings. I was brought up and not dragged up. 

I’m not going to get into who said what, but basically he hasn’t the same ethos as I do when it comes to shopping Local and Irish for my family or my customers. I don’t buy New Zeland lamb, Polish Chicken or Frozen Prawns when I have access to Irish on my doorstep. 

For example ex customers and friends of this person would prefer to eat in a cheaper restaurant than ours. The restaurant is cheaper because they 1. Don’t serve Irish meat and 2. Have a BYOB policy. Now I’m sorry and I don’t even know why I’m apologosing  but I care what I put into my body and thankfully so do my customers and family. I care so much that in Copper and Spices we grow our own veg and herbs, freshly picked every day. 

He continues to write about cheap cuts of meat and how back in the 70s and 80s how Irish family’s were fed. Em yeah we know, but I guess when you don’t have anything constructive to write about you have to find inspiration from somewhere. Maybe? 

I think at one point he referred to me as food snobbery and ignorant. But a few paragraphs prior to that he pulled out the bully card. He continues to advise his readers about how he is trying to pass his food (cheap) ethos to his kids. 

He then continues and this gave me a laugh, to say that Local food products and beer are dodgy, he then compares local pork to wild boar from foreign shores, suggesting that the boar has a happier life.  Now I think Peter Whelan would have a very different opinion on this, for those of you who dont know who Peter is he’s a local pig farmer.  Breeding a rare old Irish breed of pig called the Irish Grazer. Iv been up to Peters farm , great place and even with me been a vegetarian I can tell ya those pigs were very happy. I’d suggest leaving the Wild Boar on his foreign shore and trying out peters pig. 

Before I buy an Irish or a Local product I do my best to get to know the owner. Visiting farms is a big deal for me or if the owner of a product is too far away I connect with them on Twitter. I find speaking to “Good Food Ireland” if I feel lost as to checking out there members. To be a member of “Good Food Ireland” is a big deal. They have regular inspections of their members. For a restaurant to be a member you will have an inspector call and check  receipts  back as far as 12 months to make sure you are supporting Local and Irish. You must have at least 60% of your menu supporting Local and Irish, and yes Copper and Spices are a member. With a massive 80% of Local and Irish food and drinks. Actually it’s probably higher as since our last inspection we have taken on 3 extra Local Beers, and changed our coffee to Local also. 

I digressed a little. Back to my fellow blogger. He tried to compare my restaurant in Meath to a restaurant in Cork. Saying how the restaurant in Cork only uses products within 12 miles, excellent idea especially if your restaurant is in Kinsale  and you have access to our lovely Irish water. He gives out that I have to travel 40km to get my fish,( em no I don’t)  and laughs at me been a champion of supporting Local food. Firstly I support Local and Irish. Secondly I’m unsure how far his education when, but if he took out a map of Ireland he would see that County Meath is land locked. I can’t see me sitting on the banks of the river Boyne fishing for Trout and trying to sell it to my customers. It might be a good idea for him to come up and try and fish, if he’s lucky he might catch “The Salmon of Knowledge” and gain some. Luckily we have one of the best fish shops around and guess what it’s only over 200 steps from the door of my restaurant to its door, BTW I have small feet. Size 4. 

I love all the Local and Irish beers we produce here in Ireland. Amazing. We have 6 beers in Copper and Spices all Local and Irish. When I go out I really enjoy a good Gin and Tonic, Irish Gin if it’s available and most certainly Irish beer. 

My little pub down in Mayo unfortunately don’t serve either. So when I’m home and my 90 year old grandad wants to go out for a pint and maybe watch a football match I have no choice but to drink Heinekin, I prefer Guiness but in my local it’s not always great.  

Of course we can’t survive without non Irish food. We have to buy our spices in, we buy them whole and mix our own blends. But trust me if they were available and grown here I wouldn’t be buying them in. 

If there is a Local or Irish producer product on a shelf I will buy it before a Tesco , Lidi etc brand. I care what eat. 

Shop Local and support Irish. 

Now before I go I will advise you all that I won’t be tagging him in this blog, tit for tac if to like. To be honest I don’t like arguing and judging by his tweets to me, we share very different opinions and the last conversation I had with him, (actually the first and last) he got all his beer buddies to join in and retweet his opinions. There is a few screen shots from one of his friends below trying to put words into my mouth. 

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