How NOT to use Social Media

I dont even know where to start with this blog. I see so many people making so many mistakes on social media. Everyone making the same mistakes. I’ve kept this short, I could go on but I’ve named my top 5 No No’s 

  1. First thing to remember is that your Facebook page is not about your personal business. When I checkout some places to see if they have specials up for the day I’m greeted by a story about what the owner or chef did that weekend, like images of them cycling or running. A link for you to donate to  ” My Charity ” as the waitress is doing a nail charity event. This might be acceptable if there was some images of their food. This kind of content really annoys me. And whats really funny is that they think they are doing it right. Get a little personal of course, but keep it professional.
  2. Not uploading anything for a week is not good, or as I call it POST GHOST TOWN  but over uploading is not acceptable. 1 – 2 posts a days is enough, if you have something interesting say,  if not,  skip a day and upload the next day. Its not rocket science. Plan ahead, at least a week.
  3. Never Ever be rude to someone. A blog to follow with how I deal with irate customers.
  4. Don’t ignore your customers, Interact with them. This is very important. If they walked into your business you would speak to them, the same applies on social media. Its nice to be nice. Also important to interact with your neighbours, don’t act like your the only one out there, if you do you will be left alone.
  5. To much automation There is nothing worse than seeing the @ symbol in a Facebook post referencing a Twitter username. It’s a huge turn off to Facebook users and tells me you aren’t really engaging on Facebook, just feeding it content. Like wise on twitter and Instagram. Its ok now and again but stop been lazy.

Here is a very interesting blog piece from TouchBistro some very useful information. worth a read.



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