Ghan House 

Social Media and Food…… The perfect pairing. From tweeting about the best Sunday brunch you just had or checking into the hottest new restaurant, more food obsessed people are turning to social media to help satiate their cravings. I simply love looking at pictures of chefs creations. This is how I choose many of my restaurants to dine in. So it was no surprise that 2 weeks ago I took my husband to visit The Ghan House in Carlingford, the surprise was that it took me over a year to go and visit. 
Allan Maynard is The sous chef here, On social media known as Le Sous Chef. He works under the watchful eye of Head Chef Stephane.  It was a treat for my husbands birthday and we were staying over. 

We arrived to be greeted by the owner Paul who was very polite and showed us to our room. The Ghan house is a very special place to stay. It’s very different and unique. It’s an old house with lots of character and in my opinion should always stay like this. Our room had a mountain view and a foot claw bath. The most comfortable four poster bed Iv ever slept in.

We arrived down stairs in the very cosy  bar and ordered some Prosecco. The bar man and our waiter for the night was very friendly. There was an incredible open fire in the hallway as we walked to the dining room. 

Stephane and Allan were made aware of my dietary requirements and nothing was to much to do. We were offered a 6 course tasting menu which we very happily accepted. 

Treacle cured salmon tzatziki sorbet pickled and compressed cucumber was our first taster. I love salmon and I absolutely love anything pickled. It was a great start. The key to a good dish is balance, when all the flavours of the dish work in harmony and how the components work together to create a full rounded dish. This is exactly how this dish was served. 

Hay soup was next. I had seen some amazing pictures on Instagram of this dish. It reads unusual but tastes amazing. A perfect portion also. Soup is filling and when your having a tasting menu you don’t want to be full on your second course.  Hats off to the guys. Another winner. 

Beetroot jelly, roasted and pickled beetroot, beet root air. I hate beetroot. I think the hate of this vegetable comes from child hood summer memories of salads with jars of beetroot on our dinner table after we would spend the evening swimming in the Atlantic. I did of course taste this dish but I’m afraid it’s a case of mind over body and I couldn’t finish it. My mom is totally to blame for this. My husband did lick his plate clean so it was another dish executed really well. 


Scallops, pickled yellow clams, warm dill potato, dehydrated crispy potato were next on the menu. I didn’t take this image, my picture didn’t come out great so I have stolen this from Allan’s Instagram account.  The scallops were cooked with love. You know when your food arrives and the attention to detail on the plate shows how passionate the chef is about his food. Whats more important is that it tastes as good as it looks and the scallops did. 

French alps, sous vide egg yolks chard lettuce wasabi emulsion. I have never tasted lettuce that tasted so good, or eggs. Seriously this was perfection. Michelin quality. It’s no wonder Stephane has 2 AA rosettes. 

Pineapple  sorbet, mandarins marshmallow. Lovely texture to the sorbet. I hate sorbets that are too hard. This sorbet to me was the best I have ever tasted and I can’t imagine ever tasting anything better. 


Cottage pie made with lentils, this was very different. The carrots were the sweetest carrots I have ever tasted. The pie was to much for me.  A little on the heavy side but that’s a personal thing. The dish it self could not be faulted. In fact I would order that again. It was delicious. 


Sake marinated plums soy milk caramel. OMG sex on a plate. This was the dish of the night. It was majestic. I rarely ever order dessert as I’m always very disappointed but I’m so glad I did. 

Stephane and Allan joined us after for a drink. Talking to them you can see a few things. They both love food. They get excited talking about it. 

It’s definitely worth a visit. They have a great night coming up in Jan 

“Dinner with Bond” check out the website for more details. 
Thank you to Paul,  Stephane and Allan for a lovely night away. 

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