Living in The Boyne Valley is like living in such a beautiful country estate

How great is it to live in The Boyne Valley? A valley that oozes natural beauty, with so many talented and creative people. The Boyne Valley is one long list of Ireland’s must sees and whats great about it, is that you dont have to travel all over to visit them, as they are just on our doorstep.

Newgrange, Trim Castle, Monasterboice, Trim, home not only to a castle but is featured in Mel Gibson’s Braveheart. Hill of Tara, former seat of the High Kings of Ireland. ( to name a few) History is one thing, and boy do we have loads of it. But history isnt the only thing you can dip into , The River Boyne is famous for its wild brown Trout. It’s all on the doorstep of Dublin, Belfast and several time-travelling motorways. We are privileged to be living in such an amazing Valley.

I moved to the Boyne Valley 17 years ago and even then it was a thriving  foodie Valley, I have always been intrigued about the local people and where they get their inspiration and talent from. I recon it comes form The Salmon of knowledge.

Running a restaurant is never easy. Food is very important and living in the Boyne Valley makes this a little easier. Amazing producers are just on our door step. Fresh orders arriving daily. Some of the producers we love in Copper and Spices are Whats for Pudding? Burkes Ice Cream, Kerrigan Mushroms, Bru Beer, Dan Kellys Cider, Meade Potato Chips, ( to name a few ) 

We also have great farmers and we source all our Meat from Meath farmers. 

Living in the country ( Boyne Valley )  isn’t all about history, cakes, chutney and cute dogs, we have lots of…. SHOWBIZ

The thriving heritage towns like Drogheda, Navan and Trim have a lively restaurant scene. Home of some amazing multi award-winning Restaurants, Chefs, Hotels and Bars, where you will find local produced food showcased on your plate.

There is great community spirit in the Boyne Valley. I love that fact that I can walk into my neighbours restaurant and borrow milk, or a till roll. I love the way that everyone supports each other. I really like the community spirit. 

Food is big in the Boyne Valley. I have written several blogs about how great the producers are. 
If you have any questions or need a recommendation please don’t hesitate to contact me 

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