South American Street Food Festival #BVFood

As part of The Boyne Valley Food Series The Central hosted a South American Street Food Festival on Friday 24th July.


Arrived just after 7pm and was greeted by the lovely Justine. A cocktail was brought to our table, a rum cocktail version of Chilean “mote con huesillo” I wasn’t a fan of this,  and nor was my friend.  It was very strong. I imagine the non alcoholic one tastes great.  We decided to order some wine. 


A glass of wine later and we were ready to taste some South American Street Food. Justine advised that she would bring samples of what was on offer.

“Anticuchos” cocoa marinated skewered Beef. “Camarao” grilled Prawn with Lime. “Arepas” pork in grilled pitta. “Choripar” Chili and Paprika sausage. “Salads aguacate y pina” avocado and pineapple salad and some roastdd pepper and onion skewered.

My friend really enjoyed the Beef and advised that she would order it again. The pulled pork was another hit,  she would have like some sauce on the side.  Been vegetarian I found my food lacked imagination. Vegetarian food should be easy and it really isn’t hard work.


There was a great buzz on the roof top with a DJ rocking out some great hits. The rain stayed away and a great night to catch up with my friend. The Central have Salsa lessons every Friday night and this was taking place in the Vintage lounge where the band had set up. The band is called “Ocho Punto G” and were very good. They really got the crowd enjoying. Watching everyone doing their Salsa was great entertainment. A really good idea.



Disclaimer : I attended this event as an officia blogger for The Boyne Valley Food Series.  My opinions are truthful. 

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