‘Animals are my friends, and I dont eat my friends’. The Happy Pear

Woke up early Tuesday morning to the Sun shining.  A trip to Graystones seemed like a good idea. Only 40 mins away. I’m a big fan of The Happy Pear and always buy their products when I’m in Supervalu. So it seem fitting to pay them a visit for lunch.

The place was buzzing when we arrived.  Lots of people from all ages enjoying their lunch. It’s so great to see vegetarian food becoming more popular here in Ireland.  You order at the counter and take your food to your table. Great idea as this cuts down on staff and you get to see the food before you order.  We were going to take our time to read the board, it was great to not have to ask, “is there meat stock in that” or ” I’m lactose intolerant can I have that”   First thing I noticed was this sign (below) love it. Great idea and so true. I love their whole philosophy on food. These guys have a great place here, I just wish they were closer.


Unsure what to order we took some time. The lady that was serving was very polite and advised if we need any help to just ask. My husband ordered the Massaman curry and I ordered the pita bread which came with 2 salads of my choice.  I had the Moroccan Chickpeas with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and a mixed veg salad. Both were great.  Fresh veg in the Pita bread with there Sun-Dried pesto. We didn’t speak to each other during lunch as we were so busy stuffing our faces. I can not shout enough about the food, simple honest food. They also have a great selection of juices and smoothies, we will try the next time we are over which will be very soon.


The food was fresh. The flavors were spot on. Couldn’t fault it and to sit outside and enjoy was a bonus. Everyone was very happy and empty plates going back to the kitchen.

The building is quite quirky and I love the way it’s so casual.  They also have a shop selling all there yummy goods and more. Excellent choice of fruit and veg also.

wpid-20150630_131644.jpg  wpid-20150630_131649.jpg  wpid-20150630_131656.jpg  wpid-20150630_131721.jpg

Thanks guys. Been vegetarian and lactose intolerant it’s never easy getting quality food.  I love the fact that you like to share your knowledge where you run education programme’s to inspire people to take control of their healthy lives.    Please open in Navan. 😉

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