There’s nothing more romantic than Italian food. Il Primo.

Italian food is all about ingredients, it’s not fussy, it’s not fancy. This is my favourite Italian Restaurant in Ireland. The reason is simple, fresh food, great Italian wine and friendly casual service.


We had dinner here last Tuesday night. It’s been a while since I have dined here and it’s good to see that nothing has changed. It’s still every bit as good as it was when I last dined.

To start I ordered the mussels, cooked without cream for me, they were great. Fresh and tasty. I remember picking them off the rocks at home in Mayo as a child and  I couldn’t wait to get back up  and boil them on my granny’s open fire in a big pot. We all have great memories of some of our favourite foods.  Having the mussels in il primo reminded me of this lovely memory.

For my main course I ordered a pizza, no cheese, I asked for spinach and any green veg that they have.  I love eggs and asked if I could have one on my pizza.  Again everything was no problem. Service was not intrusive, very polite and friendly.


Not able for any desserts or coffee as we were full. We sat and enjoyed our wine.

Thank you for a lovely enjoyable food night. We are doing lunch next time, as I really want to meet Anita Thoma.

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