Night away in Dublin

After a very busy December we decided to take a well-earned break away from it all.  After reading many blogs about Afternoon Tea I decided to book into the Westbury Hotel off Grafton Street.

I had spoken to them regarding my dietary requirements and was assured it wasn’t going to be a problem.We arrived at the hotel and our car was parked. Check inn was very efficient and professional. We were early and were more than delighted that our room was ready.We were on the 5th floor with a fantastic view of the city. Nespresso machine was spotted and a couple of coffees were made.The room was small but very comfortable and very clean.

wpid-20150105_122757.jpgAfter coffee it was time for some shopping. There was still a few bargains around. My husband got bored and retried back to the hotel where I met him just in time for Tea. Very hungry and thirsty I was really looking forward to this. There was a lovely window table reserved for us and 2 complimentary glasses of champagne from Éanna (food and beverage manager) were presented to us. We were shown the different choices of tea and coffees. Nitin ordered a sweet Chai and I went for a coffee. Again the service was very polite. I have had several business meetings here so this was a nice change to be able to sit and relax and take in everything that the Westbury has to offer.


People watching from our window seat was a lot of fun. We very rarely get a lot of time to relax, when your self-employed even when your off, your still working. But today was different, business emails and social media were a no no. We were really going to enjoy our afternoon. Our order was taken and eagerly waited for it to arrive.


Veggie Wrap, Smoked Salmon, Cucumber and Tomato

First to arrive was our plate of sandwiches, 2 smoked salmon, 1 cucumber and tomato and a veggie wrap. All equally delicious as the next. If we had to pick a favourite it was the cucumber and tomato. Sandwiches were very fresh. I think the biggest let down for me on this was that the bread wasn’t made in the hotel. You have to take into consideration what you’re paying for and shop bought bread just didn’t do it from me. More tea and champagne was ordered. We asked for a 10 -15 min break before the sweets arrived. The staff was very friendly and kept our tea and coffee topped up.


Our sweet treats arrived and I honestly taught my eyes were going to pop out of my head. All these delightful desserts and all lactose free, I have never in my life eaten a dessert, I couldn’t wait to get started. My husband was smiling at me, I think the expression used was “Child in a sweet factory” I can’t remember everything, or I had lost all concentration when the waitress was explaining it to me. I know there was macaroons, sorbet, chocolate mousse, cakes, and a fruit salad. Everything looked so pretty, almost to good to eat….ALMOST.  I couldn’t fault any of it, but then again I don’t have anything to compare it to, but my husband has a sweet tooth and never misses his desserts after dinner and this got the thumps up from him. My favourite was the fruit salad, and a very close second was the macaroon. Stuffed and 3 hours later I needed a nap.


After a little siesta it was time to check out Balfes. We sat outside and I sipped on a lovely Bellini. Wrapped in a nice cosy blanket, and watching the buzz on the street. It’s a great location. the food menu reads very well and its somewhere I have to try for food, I have heard great reports.


Not overly hungry we decided to try Opium.We arrived and they where very quite, but on a monday night in January this is expected. We checked out the drinks menu and I ordered an espresso martini. It was perfect. We decided to order 3 starters, Crab Cakes, Veggie Rolls, Corn fritters and a bowl of Prawn Crackers. The Prawn Crackers were nice but the portion was way to big for 2 people. I would prefer to see places like this offer a much smaller portion and not charge for them. Starters arrived, all deep-fried and very soggy. The Crab Cakes were flavoured  with lemon grass and too overpowering, the Veggie Roll lacked seasoning. Also the Veggie Roll was presented on 2 pieces of iceberg  lettuce, I can’t imagine anyone actually eating that. The Corn Fritters were seasoned perfectly but way to oily. The dips served were all the same. I really had high hopes for the food here but was very disappointed. It was back to the hotel for a nightcap.


The next morning we came down for breakfast. Breakfast is served in “Wilde’. We checked in and we were shown to our table. There is a great selection of continental breakfast and a menu where you order your hot breakfast. I ordered an onion and pepper omelette. I also got some lovely smoked salmon.Sipped on my coffee as I awaited for my omelette. Breakfast was not busy. The room is very attractive with lots of wood and dark brown colours. Great chandeliers. My breakfast arrived and looked amazing. But to my horror it was laced with cheese. A mad run to the ladies. On my return my breakfast had been removed. We were advised that I had received the wrong one. We are all human and mistakes happen. It wasn’t the waitress fault. We spoke to manager on our check out, and another apology was given and an offer to call a doctor. We were generously offered an upgrade the next time we stay, the gesture was appreciated.

I wasn’t going to mention the breakfast incident but I feel that I need to be true to this blog. As i said mistakes happen, and it was death with very professionally. A follow-up call was made the following day. Would I return to the Westbury? Yes. Would i recommend it? Yes.

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