Cooks Academy’s 10th Birthday




 Happy Birthday 









I was Invited to the 10th Birthday celabrations of Cooks Academy on Monday Night. I was really looking forward to this event. It was so nice to meet Vanessa and Tim. I had always wanted to check this place out as I can’t cook. I’m now really looking forward to booking a course in 2015. The theme was Pixels and Palates.

The evening started with a big smile and introduction from Vanessa and a nice chilled glass of prosecco. I was eager to try their “Molecular Gastronomy Challenge”. and quite nervous, it was how ever great fun, and of course I got none of it right.


It was nice to meet up with Melissa from the Glen House. I think she done slightly better than me, getting 1 right. Well done.



Tim then gave us a little chat about Cooks Academy while we nibbled on some lovely canapés, smoke salmon was my favourite.  It was nice to hear how their school started.The school offers a broad range of culinary programmes, short courses and wine courses geared for both enthusiastic amateurs and aspiring culinary and hospitality professionals.


We were invited then to have some fun, to put on our thinking hats (Chef Hats) and try to come up with a creative dish using some of the ingredients pictured below, the theme was “Christmas Street food”. It looked incredibaly easy untill we actually set about doing it. My idea was Indian Christmas ( I wonder where I got that idea from ) I then noticed some lovely Mexican sauce which I discovered was made by an ex pupil. I was having that. New name was decided ” India meets Mexico Christmas Street Food”  I was quite proud of my presentation, no idea how it tasted and was grateful for Cooks Academy and guests that no one had to taste it either. Please find it pictured below. We had to take a picture of it in a “Pop up Sony Box” which was an incredible idea, where can I get one???

20141201_192355                    20141201_195854


After all our hard work and a few glasses of wine it was time to listen to Conor Lynch from Social Media Very insightful speech and I was fascinated listening about Instagram as this is one of my weak spots. Looking forward to picking his brains in 2015. We got to listen to Rachel & Brian Nolan from  NoBó also. Its one of my favourite desserts, its dairy free and I’m lactose intolerant. It was quite inspiring to hear how they came up with their name, which simply means “No Cow”. Love it. These guys really are an inspiration. They have achieved so much, and are available in Supervalu now. Big hats off to you guys.

20141201_202920                         20141201_183855

The winner of the Christmas Street food was announced and surprise surprise it wasn’t me…..the winner was Dublin By Mouth and well deserved. We were then treated to lovely goodie bags from glenisk  and a lovely pyrex dish.

20141203_131424                                                                        20141201_183835


I would like to thank Cooks Academy for asking me along to help celebrate their 10th birthday, it really was a lovely fun night and I’m really looking forward to doing a course in 2015.

Cooks Adademy

19 South Willaim Street

Dublin 2


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