Smyths Beer Garden Festival

Attended a Craft Beer Festival last Saturday night in Smyths Beer garden in Navan which was hosted by Wayne and Janice Dunne ( known as the Beer Snobs)  Was really looking forward to this event as we were looking for another craft beer for Copper and Spices. I did attend the RDS a few weeks ago but it was so busy and such a great choice of beers that I simply couldn’t make my mind up.

We arrived at 8pm. Paid our E10.00 on the door, got our wrist bands and 2 beer tokens, the beer tokens enabled you to get 2 half pints of your chosen beer or 1 pint.  It was a little expensive considering that there was no food left, E5.00 for a half pint of craft beer. Also there were children present. I’m not a fan of seeing children at an alcohol event. These events should be strictly over 18.

First up to try was Dan Kellys Cider, a favourite of mine. It was also the first time some of my guests had tried it. My mom, my sister and a friend came with me. Considering my sister only drinks cider this was a great hit. She was very happy.


I had to get my friend to try the new Brú, ( I’m a pro with bru beers by now) and again I was delighted that my friend gave the thumbs up. This beer never fails to impress me. There new flagship beer “Brú” is really great. I wish the lads every success with it. I know we will sell loads of it in Copper and Spices.

2014-09-27 21.37.182014-09-28 18.39.41

Meeting lots of locals and customers, and listening to great music,until Dan Kellys cider ran out, as did my mom and sister, nothing left for them to drink (and we had purchased lots of tokens) so it was into a taxi and home for them.

With just the two of us left we decided to try and Bo Bristle IPA. Bingo. We had hit the jack pot. It was fabulous and I knew straight away that it would be getting stocked in Copper and Spices.  There was still a few beers left to try and we duly did, all were excellent but I had found what i was looking for.


I think this event could have been a bigger success if it had been marketed correctly. From social media, local media, competitions, and local businesses. There simply wasn’t enough people talking about the event prior to the even except the brewers and organisers. I think its fair to say I’m quite active on social media and I think if i didn’t know the organisers i probably wouldn’t have heard about the event. I really do hope that more of these events take place around meath and we get to sample more great craft beer.

I would like to finally add that all the I formation in this blog is correct. I endeavor to give truthful constructive and unbiased feedback.

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